Ethereal Path

An alternative reality game played via text message as a prelude to Fallen Cosmos. Participants explored San Francisco and Oakland to solve a series of challenges and participate in bonus experiences.

Challenges were both mental and physical, ranging from solving riddles, to ordering a Chalice of Transcendence at a certain coffeeshop, to finding out what blasphemous image appears when you fold a one-dollar bill just so. In addition, there were bonus rounds where participants could receive keys that unlocked real treasure chests at Fallen Cosmos.

Out of 900 original invitees, 529 people participated in Ethereal Path, 324 finished at least one challenge, and 115 completed the Path. I created the web application that ran the game and dispatched text messages, while Benjamin Juster wrote the puzzles, designed bonus experiences, and coordinated with other collaborators.

Obstacle Course

A two-person cooperative obstacle course for parents and kids out of yarn, cardboard, PVC pipe and pumpkins. The course was designed for people of radically different sizes: for example, high hurdles that only a tall person could jump over, and a cardboard tunnel that only a small person could crawl through.

Tactile Maze

In the spirit of the Exploratorium's Tactile Dome, a completely darkened tactile maze allowing a visitor to experience a variety of sounds, textures, and sensations. In addition, I built the maze to create a narrative (in this case, a descent into the underworld) through the use of physical space.

The beginnings of the maze. Participants entered via a slide that led to a twisting tunnel, followed by a hidden passage that would take them to the second level.

Some of the materials we used in the maze included papier-mache, stuffed pillows meant to resemble vaginal openings, and bells.


A Confession Booth

Consisting of a bottle of Jack Daniels, a tape recorder, a notebook, pens, and some religious candles. My conclusion from this exercise was that 90% of confessions aren't particularly interesting.

Happy Huladays!

Inspired by Gotta Hoop, the video below is a different take on the everyday BART commute.

Tessellating Cookies

All it takes is some shortbread, lots of food coloring, a decent knife, and your favorite Escher painting.


A get-well card of sorts for a dear friend, who may or may not have directly been involved in the exploits documented here.