Maria Pacana

Stuff I've Made, In No Particular Order

A Tactile Maze

In the spirit of the Exploratorium's Tactile Dome, a completely darkened tactile maze allowing a visitor to experience a variety of sounds, textures, and sensations. A secondary object of the maze was to create a narrative (in this case, a descent into the underworld) through the use of physical space. The maze was created for the third iteration of the Lost Horizon Night Market, and was therefore built in a modular format that would allow it to fit inside a 6' by 20' box truck. It was also shown at the 2011 Maker Fair.

The outline of the maze. Participants entered via a slide (on the upper right) that led to a twisting tunnel. Later they would encounter what appeared to be a wall, but was actually a sliding door. Once the door opened, they could access a hidden passage to the second level, where the exit was located.

Some of the materials we used to create different textures included papier-mache, stuffed pillows meant to resemble vaginal openings, long strings of beads, and bells.

A Confession Booth

Consisting of a bottle of Jack Daniels, a tape recorder, a notebook, pens, and some religious candles. My conclusion from this exercise was that 90% of confessions aren't particularly interesting.

Happy Huladays!

Inspired by Gotta Hoop, the video below is a different take on the everyday BART commute.

Tessellating Cookies

All it takes is some shortbread, lots of food coloring, a decent knife, and your favorite Escher painting.


A get-well card of sorts for a dear friend, who may or may not have directly been involved in the exploits documented here.